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Boating Equipment Snap Button Solutions

Manufacturing equipment for boats creates its own special challenges and obstacles. You have to use materials that are strong and versatile enough to withstand both strong winds and water.

So when looking for clips and fasteners to use on your boating equipment – for everything from boat covers and canopies to railings, masts and more – you need something that is as strong and durable as the rest of your materials.

Our Valco snap buttons are the perfect solution, and with more than 1,000 varieties, we are sure to have one that fits the needs of your company.

The Best Choice for Boating Snap Buttons

At Valco, we have 50 years of experience working with state-of-the-art technology to create snap buttons for boating equipment manufacturers all over the world.

  • We handle every step of the process, from initial conceptualization all the way to manufacturing and distribution
  • We offer a metal stamping capacity up to 200 tons and computerized production control for maximum efficiency and accuracy
  • Our CAD/CAM capabilities are fully IGES and DFX compatible, allowing us to easily receive instructions and drawings from clients
  • Valco monitors all aspects of business through techniques such as Statistical Process Control, the use of coordinate measuring machines and optical comparators

Order the Right Boating Fasteners for Your Company Today

If you are unable to find a snap button that fits the specific needs of your business, our team of expert engineers will customize a solution for your company.

To learn more about our snap buttons for boating applications or to request an order estimate, be sure to contact us today!