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We Can Provide CNC Wire EDM and CNC Wire EDM Machine Services

We operate some of the most sophisticated equipment available at our facility including a CNC wire EDM machine and CNC turning centers. Whether it is simply wire cutting or complete fabrication of your design, our fully IGES and DFX compatible EDM capabilities will exceed your expectations. Wire EDM capabilities include vertical heights up to 15 inches.

Read on to discover key insights about CNC wire EDM services and their benefits.

What Is Wire EDM?

Wire EDM - electrical discharge machining - is a high-precision machining method that has the capability to cut virtually any electrically conductive material.

  • During the wire EDM process, a thin, EDM wire, which is electrically-charged, is suspended across an upper and lower mechanical guide, forming an electrode. The material marked for cutting during the wire EDM process
  • The wire and the material then produce an electrical discharge, which in turn quickly cuts the material. Often, the wire and material are then placed in deionized water to help remove any debris.
  • Because the wire itself is never in physical contact with the part being cut during the wire EDM process, traditional cutting forces are not employed, meaning minute and delicate parts are able to be produced utilizing this method. This is extremely beneficial for companies needing to produce the kinds of intricate parts that traditional machining struggles with.

The Key Advantages of CNC Wire EDM Services

Companies that choose to use a facility with wire EDM machine capabilities can benefit in a number of ways, including through:

  • Accuracy - For extremely precise machined parts to utilize in your essential operations, wire EDM services are ideal
  • Repeatability - No matter how intricate your required part is, wire EDM is reliably able to produce it time and again
  • Faster Production Time - With EDM’s high-accuracy, parts can be produced correctly and efficiently, significantly speeding up production time
  • Cleaner End Products - With wire EDM services, companies are able to receive parts which lack burrs and do not require tooling
  • Reliable Internal Cuts - Traditional machining methods often struggle with producing quality square-edged internal cuts, but wire EDM services excel in this regard

As you can see, incorporating EDM machine services into your operations can provide you with a host of advantages.

Additional Services from Valco Valley Tool & Die

Along with our wire EDM machine capabilities, Valco can provide your business with a variety of manufacturing services including:

  • Slide Forming - Our Tool Room is able to facilitate four-slide stamping and cab fabricate from strip or wire
  • Metal Stamping - Valco’s metal stamping department can provide coining, bending and blanking, progressive stamping, sheet metal stamping, and more
  • Screw Machine Services - We have the capability to craft a diverse range of custom products such as connectors, gears, screws, fittings, nuts, bolts, spacers, pins, and more
  • Prototyping - To provide our customers with full machining capabilities, Valco is proud to offer prototyping and custom part designs as part of our standard operations
  • Snap Buttons - We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our signature snap buttons, which come in over 1,000 variations and are utilized in a variety of products you use every day

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