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Our Four-slide Department

As part of our dedication to ensuring that our customers? manufacturing needs are fully met, Valco Valley Tool & Die is proud to offer a complete Tool Room that has the ability to manufacture progressive and four-slide dies.

This Tool Room works in conjunction with our impressive Four-slide Department, which can facilitate four-slide stamping and has the capability to fabricate from strip or wire.

We specialize in flat springs, metal spring clips, and metal stampings. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us online or call us at 440-237-0160.



  CH-137                                                        G-130                                                     M-112


  M-180                                                                FC-040                                            SH-101


Four-slide Stamping from Valco Valley Tool & Die

Our Tool Room is adept at manufacturing progressive and four-slide dies to meet slide-forming and multi slide-forming needs and our Four-slide Department allows us to produce intricately shaped stampings and wire forms up to 3/16" diameter in wire, or 2" wide in coil stock.

The professional engineering staff of Valco Valley Tool & Die utilizes state-of-the-art technology prototyping to take your product from concept to reality. Our journeyman tool and die makers are capable of producing high-quality products for our customers, utilizing our own innovative tools in secondary operations and assemblies located only a few steps away, making coordination quick and easy.

All of these factors make four-slide stamping from Valco a part of our business that numerous industries can benefit from.

Advantages of Four-slide Stamping

A four-slide machine is able to supply high-volume manufacturing for stamped parts, so it should come as no surprise that companies can expect numerous advantages by using the four-slide process.

The biggest benefit of utilizing a four-slide machine for manufacturing is that the equipment is able to facilitate all necessary operations to craft the part from beginning to end. Four-slide machines can also accommodate parts which transfer or progressive dies are not suited for, as the machines can operate from four axes.

Because of this, using four-slide stamping results in a lower cost for the part being produced, since fewer machines and less handling is ultimately needed.

Valco Products

Some of the Valco products available from our Tool Room and Four-slide Department as listed in the clickable pictures above include:

  • CH-137 Cord Clip - Designed for use in camper awnings, these clips have been utilized by varied industries for applications like securing exterior lighting, extension cords, yard decorations and more.
  • G-130 Specialty Application Snap Button - One of the many varieties of snap buttons we offer, this specialized model is adept at functioning in a range of products.
  • Mining Drill Bit Clips and Snap Buttons - Valco supplies a number of products to the mining field to meet exacting industry needs.
  • FC-040 Flat Type Solid Head Snap Button - Another option in our famed snap button line.

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