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custom metal stampings

Custom Metal Stamping from VALCO/Valley Tool & Die, Inc.

custom metal stampings

As a complete metal parts manufacturing house, VALCO is able to produce a wide variety of products for clients. Whether it's our line of snap buttons (with more than 1,000 variations) or any of our other specialty fasteners, we are sure to have the products to fit any application.


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This includes being able to offer our clients a full range of custom metal stampings. By utilizing state-of-the-art technology, our professional engineering staff is able to create every custom metal stamping you need, catered to your specific industry. That includes everything from the automotive and aeronautical worlds to retail settings, construction equipment and other industrial purposes.

Here are just a few of the custom metal stampings we can provide to your company:

  • Sign Hangers - Perfect for hanging artwork, taxidermy, signs, stampings and more.
  • Cube and Round Stops - Designed for garment racks, these weld easily, are made from cold-drawn steel, and are tumble-polished.
  • Collet Locks - Use compression to lock adjustable tubing together and will not chip, break or fade.
  • Spring Plungers - For when tubing isn't applicable, spring plungers are press fit into drilled holes for easy installation.
  • Cord Clips - As an all-weather fastener, the cord clip is a great option for campers and outdoorsmen.
  • Much more!

Our custom metal stamping equipment is able to produce many unique shapes and sizes, designed to meet a very specific need. That kind of flexible manufacturing has allowed us to serve all kinds of industries across the country.

Let VALCO/Valley Tool & Die, Inc. Supply You with Custom Metal Stampings

Contact us today to take care of your metal stamping needs. With an experienced and reliable staff on hand, you are guaranteed a coordinated effort in creating products that will work for you.

Questions? How can we help you?

Questions? How can we help you?