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Valco - Your Preferred Fastener Manufacturing Company

If you are looking to work with a metal parts manufacturing house, you have likely heard many describe themselves as the best in the business. So how do you choose the fastener manufacturing company that truly suits your needs? How do you know which one can deliver the tool and die products that will help your own company operate efficiently?

The first thing to do is to understand the industry itself.

A Look at the Fastener Manufacturing Industry

A look at the fastener industry will show that it is a huge business that services a wide variety of industries. As of right now, more than 200 billion fasteners (with a nearly endless amount of variations) are produced each year in the United States, and 26 billion of those are for the automotive industry.

These products are also used in many other industries, such as commercial construction, agriculture, aircraft, retail, appliances and much more. In other words, it is very likely that you come in contact with fasteners on a daily basis.

And with that much importance placed on these tools and parts, it's important to ensure you are working with a fastener manufacturing company that prides itself on quality.

That is where Valco comes in. In our 45 years of service, we have become a leading supplier of tools and dies through precision technology and a dedicated staff of engineers. We utilize some of the most sophisticated equipment in the business, and will work with you to meet your goals.

Let Valco Valley Tool & Die, Inc. Be Your Fastener Manufacturing Company Today

Be sure to contact Valco today for all of your fastener manufacturing needs. With our history and commitment to excellence, you will find that every other fastener manufacturing company simply can't compete.