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Kayak Paddle Snap Buttons Help You Offer the Best to Your Customers

Kayak Paddle Snap Buttons
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Kayak Paddle Snap Buttons

As a leading metal parts manufacturer, VALCO/Valley Tool & Die, Inc. is a trusted, go-to source for all kinds of kayak paddle snap buttons.

With more than 1,000 snap button variations, VALCO has a presence in many different products, especially when it comes to recreation equipment.

And one of our most important parts in the sporting goods/recreation world is the kayak paddle snap button.

Get Custom-Made Kayak Paddle Snap Buttons for Your Company

So what exactly makes VALCO a trusted name when it comes to kayak paddle snap buttons and other metal parts?

Most importantly, we are able to completely customize parts to meet the exact, specific needs of our clients. And in the kayak paddle snap button world, that means an ability to manufacture parts that perfectly fit any tubing size for an easily adjustable, but securely fastened, product.

Simply send us your product drawings and our research and development department can help turn your concept into a reality.

Other exceptional features of our kayak paddle snap button manufacturing include:

  • The ability to handle all of our processes (design, manufacturing and distribution) in-house
  • A complete, professional engineering department that works with you to ensure your satisfaction
  • Computerized production control for superior efficiency
  • Being registered to ISO 9001:2008, including design

Choose VALCO, the Preferred Kayak Paddle Snap Button Manufacturer

Sturdy, reliable kayak paddles are essential to your company's success, so why not go with a company that truly understands that? At VALCO/Valley Tool & Die, Inc., we will work with you to ensure that our kayak paddle snap buttons meet all of your specifications.

To learn more, be sure to contact us today.

Questions? How can we help you?

Questions? How can we help you?