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Leaf Spring Buttons From Valco

Considering that Valco offers more than 1,000 variations of its famed snap buttons, it can be confusing to know just which buttons are right for your business or product.

While Valco is always available to work on customizable and specialty orders, many of our great products have ready-to-go practical applications for numerous industries.

One of our versatile pieces is the leaf spring button. This snap button uses tension created by fitting a high-quality, tensile metal fastener into a product to allow it to lock into place.

Some of the practical applications of our leaf spring snap buttons include use in:
  • Household objects like furniture, curtain rods and lighting fixtures
  • Health care products like portable toilets, wheelchairs and walkers
  • Industrial equipment like PVC tubing, acid-resistant piping and chemical tubing
  • The retail sector, creating sturdy fixtures for clothing racks, displays, kiosks and specialty stands
  • Sporting goods, providing excellent support to boating and camping equipment, exercise machines and even hula hoops.

These adaptable leaf spring buttons are available in several different styles:
  • Leaf Type Drawn Head Snap Buttons (H Style Buttons)
    • These leaf spring buttons have the capability of handling higher loads with the inclusion of a strengthening steel insert.

  • Leaf Type Solid Steel Snap Button Assemblies (H Solid Assembly Buttons)
    • For this model, our solid button heads have the capability of being crafted from any free machining-type material our client demands. The most common varieties are steel, aluminum or brass.
    • We use zinc plating as a standard finish on our steel button heads.
    • Variations of spring thickness and width are available to fit custom applications.

  • Ramp Type Snap Buttons (HR Series) (Ramp Style Buttons)
    • These leaf spring snap buttons are great for tubing in need of one-way locking and self-depressing operation.

For more examples of the wide variety of snap button options we offer, click here for a detailed list.
And if you have any questions about our snap buttons, leaf spring button models, or anything else Valco can help clarify, please contact us. We'll be happy to assist you!