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The Many Uses of Snap Buttons for Tubing

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At Valco, we proudly produce hundreds of thousands of manufacturing parts, but by far our most famous products are the snap buttons for telescoping pipe and tubing.

These parts come in more than 1,000 variations and are able to maintain a stamping capacity up to 200 tons for any metal. With our snap buttons for tubing holding so many practical and industrial applications, it can be daunting to figure out just where to start. Thankfully, we've created this handy guide to let you know what to look for in your tubing snap buttons and how to best utilize them in your business.

Our Most Popular Snap Button Variations

  • A Type - Our core model, the A Type snap button is great for general use in many applications and is highly customizable. A common usage is supplying snap buttons for aluminum poles to create adjustable and removable parts, or attaching fixtures to a product.

  • B Type - Another of our popular models, the B Type snap button for tubing is highly useful for lower-profile types of installation in areas with restricted space or extrusions and is ideal for smaller tubing.

  • C Type - These snap buttons are utilized for products that incorporate electrical parts within their tubing, such as vacuum cleaners.

  • D Type - These extremely durable variant snap buttons are employed when a product calls for extra strength and requires additional reinforcement.

  • E Type - These useful models contain double buttons on one end of the product's tubing. One button stabilizes the tubing in place and the second is depressed to allow movement for adjustments. These high-quality snap buttons have been developed for swinging table legs and other fixed-point pivot products.

Valco's Extensive Capabilities

Valco's vast array of tooling allows us to stand above the competition and produce thousands of various parts and components at a minimal upfront cost to our customers.

Our customers will also be glad to know that Valco is a full-service machine parts company, handling all aspects of:
  • Design
  • Development
  • Production
  • Testing (when applicable)
  • Shipping
We find that customers are quite pleased with the end results of our thorough production process, as we deliver quality products tailor-made to their specifications.

And best of all, our snap buttons couldn't be simpler to operate once completed and installed within customer products, as they require no additional tools for assembly. That means a simple, easy-to-utilize product ready for store shelves.

Additionally, we have a wide variety of Valco snap buttons in stock for same-day delivery in most cases, with a 2-4 week window for other orders, including specialty products.

The Growing List of Industries We Serve

With fifty years of experience to our name, Valco has worked with dozens of sectors throughout the decades, and we're expanding all the time. We've supplied snap buttons for tubing to the following industries and for the following applications:
  • Health Care - medical devices, crutches, canes, wheelchairs, walkers

  • Home Care - lighting fixtures, shelving, furniture, curtain rods

  • Construction - safety systems, electrical transformers, electrical insulation, mechanical supports, scaffolding

  • Child Safety & Nursery - swings, cribs, safety gates, playpens, railings

  • Retail - bulletin boards, displays, clothing racks, kiosks

  • Sporting Goods - tent pole push buttons, soccer and hockey goals, extension cords, exercise machines, outside lighting, boating and kayaking equipment

  • Industrial - machinery, hazardous material transport, chemical tubing, telescopic actuators
If you don't see your sector among this list, remember that we're always available for specialized and customizable orders, so we'd love to add you to our ranks!

Snap Button Application and Sizing Needs

Once you've decided that Valco snap buttons are right for your company, it's vital for us to know the ultimate application the snap button tubing will be used for. As you've read, we have many custom products designed for specific functions and we want to make sure you receive the best fastener for the job.

After this is determined, we'll next need to establish the correct sizing for your snap buttons by measuring the ID - inside diameter - of the tubing you will be working with. Measuring the wall thickness of the tube in question is also important to ensure that your snap buttons fit properly and maintain a high functionality for your product.

Be sure to visit our catalogue to see lists of minimum and maximum tube sizes for individual button models.

We Would Love to Hear From You

At Valco/Valley Tool & Die, we're dedicated to delivering to you one of our fine readymade products or, if need be, customizing one from scratch. As a leading manufacturer of snap buttons for tubing, we know the wealth of applications they're useful for and we hope to meet your company's own application needs, no matter the industry.

To discover everything Valco can do for your industry and products, contact us today!