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Valco Valley Tool & Die, Inc. Valco Valley Tool & Die, Inc.
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The Valco Process

The satisfaction of our clients is of the utmost importance to us. No matter the industry or application, Valco ensures that you get the metal parts you need.

How Valco Works With You

Our process will differ depending on the project since we work with a variety of industries, but the core of our services always remains the same, as does our goal to simplify your tubular product, tie-down or attachment needs.

So what exactly does Valco’s process look like?

A full research and development department and engineering team anchors our manufacturing work. The entire process for a new concept starts with the R&D department, which will take your ideas and begin to help turn them into a reality.

CAD/CAM Services

Our CAD/CAM capabilities are fully IGES and DFX compatible. We utilize this technology to begin the prototyping process after receiving concept drawings, instructions and notes from our clients. We maintain only the best CAD/CAM technology, which allows for unmatched accuracy and efficiency in our designs.

Once the designs are set, they are sent to our engineering department to manufacture a prototype. As we work with you to perfect the prototype, it will eventually be put into production through any of our manufacturing capabilities.

Our Operations

From our screw machine department and complete tool room for a variety of dies to many types of secondary operations such as drilling, tapping, spot welding and more, Valco’s diverse lineup of services ensures you get the exact part you need. Features of our completely in-house operations include:
  • A CNC turning center working up to 1 5/8” diameter
  • The ability to manufacture many types of dies, including progressive and four-slide options
  • Wire EDM capabilities that include vertical heights up to 15 inches
We also work with any materials that the part requires (including plastic). Typically, Valco manufactures with spring steel, T-410 stainless and T-316 stainless steel, but it all depends on a client’s specifications.

For instance, the T-316 stainless option in our snap buttons is ideal for more extreme (saltwater, corrosive, etc.) environments. Our snap buttons are also heat-treated and zinc plated, unless otherwise noted.

A Full-Service Manufacturer and Distributor

This is where Valco truly separates itself from the competition. We remain close with our clients throughout the duration of the process, from the initial concept and design all the way through manufacturing and distributing

We even provide inventory management services for clients who need it.

To learn more about our processes and how we work with you every step of the way, be sure to contact Valco/Valley Tool & Die, Inc. today.