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Valco Services

Since 1967, Valco has become known for its extensive line of snap buttons. But the versatility doesnt stop there.

We are a full-service metal parts manufacturing house, which means we can handle many different application needs for companies across a wide range of industries.

So in addition to the snap button line and its 1,000+ variations, Valco also offers:

  • A stamping capacity for any metal up to 200 tons.
  • An engineering department that is ready to work with you in developing any stamping or stamping and screw machine assembly.
  • A complete tool room to manufacture progressive and four-slide dies.
  • A single-spindle and multi-spindle automatic screw machine department.
  • A CNC turning center working up to 1 5/8 diameter.
  • Secondary operations such as drilling, tapping, O.D. threading, spot welding, milling, heat treating and plating.
  • Computerized production control for maximum efficiency.
  • Wire EDM capabilities, including vertical heights up to 15 inches.
  • CAD/CAM capabilities that are fully IGES and DFX compatible. We can easily and conveniently receive drawings and instructions from our customers via fax or the Internet.
  • A full research and development department, where we can start to turn your concept into a reality.

Want to Learn More About Valco's Services?

Want to know more about any of our manufacturing capabilities? Have a question about a specific type of snap button? Looking to create a new snap button for a unique application? Be sure to contact Valco today and we will be happy to give you a free estimate on an order.