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Reliable Fasteners for the Sporting Goods & Recreation Industry

For 50 years, Valco/Valley Tool & Die, Inc. has been meeting the needs of its customers across a wide range of industries, including the sporting goods and recreation industry.

As a full-service metal parts manufacturing company, Valco provides fasteners that are used in the development of products such as soccer goals, kayak paddles, camping equipment, boating covers, hula hoops and more.

We pride ourselves on having the ability to fit our customers’ needs, no matter what kind of fastener they need. With our snap button fasteners, you’ll be able to create strong and durable recreational equipment that your customers will love for years to come.

Easy-to-Use, But Durable Sporting Good Fasteners

If you manufacture recreational equipment, you understand how important the functionality and usability of your products can be to your consumers.

For instance, campers want to be able to set up their campsite quickly and easily so they can move on to other activities, such as hiking or fishing. They don’t want to struggle with assembling a tent for hours, and you can make it easier for them.

Whether it’s experienced climbers setting up camp on an expedition, or a family setting up their tent in the backyard, with our recreational fasteners, you know your customers will be able to use your product effectively.

The Right Fasteners for Any Recreational Product

No two products are exactly the same, especially in the sporting goods and recreation industry; different age ranges and leagues may require different regulations for the same type of product.

For example, the NFSHA (high school), NCAA and even Futsal all require different soccer goal sizes. Each organization requires the same type of product, but the regulation dimensions differ.

Combine this with the choice of portable, or collapsible, goals versus permanent goals for personal use and it’s clear to see why it can sometimes be difficult to find the right fastener for one’s products. But not with Valco.

We understand that different products require different fasteners, which is why we offer more than 1,000 variations of our snap buttons to help you find the one that best fits your application, no matter the size or type needed.

The Benefits of Working With Valco

Our research and development department and team of expert engineers will design and manufacture custom fasteners for all types of unique applications. And unlike our competition, we perform all of our processes – from product conceptualization to distribution – in-house.

Interested in working with Valco? Contact us today to learn more about our recreation and sporting good snap buttons.