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Spring Button Clips from VALCO

When it comes to metal parts manufacturing, versatility is key. Every industry has a unique set of needs, with requirements for parts that aren't always easy to find. That is why VALCO continues to create custom products for clients, something that has helped us remain an industry leader since our inception in 1967.

That dedication to variety and customer service certainly extends to our spring button clip line. Like our other products, spring button clips come in many different variations, varying in everything from material thickness and width to tubing, shape and other unique features (such as the size of the leg or shape of the head). Looking to work with our spring button clip line? Take a look at a couple of the styles we offer:

  • A Style - These spring button clips are steel- or zinc-plated, unless otherwise noted (or requested). Other options include a dome head, stiffener, small V, one short leg, narrow springs, varying sizes of the spring legs, a large radius, hooked end and more.

  • AC Style - Solid button heads can be made from stainless steel, brass, or aluminum. The standard finish on the springs is zinc-plated (though the material on the springs can be changed to stainless) and the thickness and width may be varied to fit any application. Other options include a short button leg, dome head, 2" ID tube, flanged heads, a full radius head, and more. See what we mean? At VALCO, we pride ourselves on being able to meet any request of our clients; we want to ensure that the metal parts you receive from us are tailored to your exact specifications.

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At VALCO, we will work with you to ensure that all of your needs are met, thanks to our modern facilities and dedicated engineering staff. We look forward to creating custom spring button clips for your company; simply contact us today to get started.