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weld nuts

Valco Valley Tool & Die - Your Experts on Weld Nuts

Weld nuts are versatile and important nuts, serving purposes across a wide range of industries. That is why Valco is dedicated to providing its clients with many variations of welding nuts, and it is how we continue to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of metal parts.

What Purpose Do Weld Nuts Serve?

These nuts are designed to be welded to another object, hence the name. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and work with many different materials. Depending on the specifications, each nut provides different capabilities, whether it's to prevent warping when welding with a high current, to weld on flat pieces, or to fit on the ends of tubing.

With so many variations for weld nuts, it's no surprise that Valco does work with all kinds of industries, from the automotive and aeronautical industries to companies that work in construction, mining, retail and more. That kind of work means our welding nuts are found in many different kinds of consumer products, and it's likely you come in contact with our metal parts on a daily basis.

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Contact Valco today to take care of your welding nut needs. No matter the order size or kind of welding nuts you need, we can fulfill your request. It is important to us that you get the highest-quality metal parts for your projects, and with our equipment and staff, you are guaranteed just that.