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We Call Them Snap Buttons – What Do You Call Them?”

Over the years, Valco/Valley Tool & Die, Inc. has become known for its expansive line of snap buttons. And in that time, we've noticed that our snap buttons can go by a wide variety of different names, depending on what exactly our potential clients are looking for.

But First, What is a Snap Button?

It's an incredibly versatile fastener for just about every industry imaginable. From the most important pieces of medical equipment to the soccer goals you find on your local park field, a snap button can always be found serving a vital role.

But you might be thinking, “Okay, so I know what a snap button is, but why are you calling it by that name?”

Turns out, there are a ton of different names for what we happen to call the snap button. Here are some of the names we have come across that are referencing exactly what Valco makes: Now, all of these names essentially mean the same thing. But again, why exactly are there so many different names?

Well, that comes down to a variety of factors. A lot of it has to do with the product's aforementioned versatility. Since it maintains such a big role in so many different industries, the snap button is naturally bound to go by various names.

But another reason includes the region from which each term came. For instance, we often see that the term “spring rivets” comes from searches based in Canada.

And much of the time, people are searching by the specific job they want the snap button to do, such as locking, clipping, latching, etc. Searches also include the type of material with which the product would be made – i.e. “spring steel clips.”

But even as it can go by so many names, the Valco snap button can serve any type of purpose around the world. So no matter your application need, be sure to let our snap buttons go to work for you.

Simple Installation, Simple Ordering

Utilizing a Valco snap button couldn't be simpler. Our fasteners snap right in place into customers' products and won't budge even when the buttons are fully depressed. What results is an easy, durable connection with thousands of applications.

And when customers order Valco snap buttons and other machine parts, they're able to purchase their exact needed product volume, as Valco does not have per cart/quantity requirements. Customers can also request specific carriers for their products and Valco will be happy to comply.

So don't delay. Order your snap buttons from Valco today!