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Clothing Rack Spring Buttons for the Retail World

mountain equipment snap buttons
mountain equipment snap buttons

For 50 years, Valco/Valley Tool & Die, Inc. has been able to work with a wide range of industries. This is thanks in large part to an ever-growing selection of snap buttons, now with more than 1,000 variations.

One of the biggest industries in which we work continues to be the world of retail, with our snap buttons and clips used in all types of store fixtures, including clothing racks.


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Choosing Valco for Your Mounting Equipment Snap Buttons

At Valco, we put a special emphasis on quality.

We know there are plenty of other manufacturers offering their services and products, but Valco’s offerings are backed by years of exceptional service and reliability.

Features of our processes include:

  • Everything – from product conceptualization and manufacturing to shipping – being handled in-house, allowing us to pass the lower costs on to you
  • A stamping capacity up to 200 tons
  • Computerized production control for maximum efficiency and accuracy
  • A complete tool room that manufactures progressive and four-slide dies
  • Monitoring all aspects of our business through techniques such as Statistical Process Control, the use of coordinate measuring machines and optical comparators

Best of all, Valco is capable of producing custom clothing rack button clips that will meet any specific need. Thanks to a full research and development department – teamed with a highly experienced group of engineers – we can turn any concept into a reality.

Our CAD/CAM capabilities are also fully IGES and DFX compatible, allowing us to easily receive drawings and instructions from customers.

Get the Clothing Rack Spring Buttons Your Company Needs

In a retail setting, there are many different structures and tools used to make your products look their most appealing to customers. Many of these racks and structures will require different parts, including snap buttons.

With Valco, we are your one-stop shop for all types of clothing rack spring buttons, clips and everything else you could need to ensure your store is always looking its best.

To learn more about our clothing rack button clips, along with our custom capabilities, be sure to contact Valco today.

Questions? How can we help you?

Questions? How can we help you?