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VALCO/Valley Tool & Die, Inc. - A Better Kind of Fastener Distributor

There are a lot of fastener distributors out there, with each one touting its best qualities. With so many options, it can be hard to distinguish the best from everyone else. With VALCO, it's easy to see how we've become a leader in the metal parts manufacturing world.

Having been in business since 1967, we have spent that time providing quality products with on-time deliveries, as well as committing ourselves to state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated staff.

Our line of snap buttons continues to be used in a multitude of products and industries all over the world. With more than 1,000 variations, we are confident we can meet any individual requirements.

But as a leading fastener distributor, VALCO offers even more than a versatile line of snap buttons. Some of our services include:
  • A complete tool room that manufactures progressive and four-slide dies
  • Stamping capacity for any metal up to 200 tons
  • Automatic screw machines and a CNC turning center working up to 1 5/8" diameter
  • Secondary operations, such as drilling, tapping, O.D. threading, milling, spot welding, plating and heat treating
  • Wire EDM capabilities and CAD/CAM capabilities that are fully IGES and DFX compatible
  • Computerized production control, a full research and development department, and much more!

Let VALCO/Valley Tool & Die, Inc. Be Your Fastener Distributor Today

With so many services that help take any product from concept to reality, it's obvious that VALCO has the experience and dedicated engineering staff that sets it apart from other fastener distributors. Contact us today to learn more about the metal parts manufacturing solutions we can provide to your company.

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