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C-Type Snap Buttons

C-Series, C-Style Snap Buttons

For buttons with versatility, consider our C-style snap buttons. We offer solid and inverted heads within our C-series collection, allowing you maximum flexibility for your order. Customize your spring thickness and width when you order with us. In addition, our customers are our top priority here at Valco. That’s why we allow control by way of choosing the material your C-type snap buttons are produced from, whether it be stainless steel, brass or aluminum. Contact us today to learn more about how you can order your zinc-plated C-style, C-inverted and C-solid head assembly snap buttons.

C Style Button C Type (C Series) - C Style Button
C Inverted Head Buttons C Type (C Series) - C Inverted Head Buttons
C Solid Head Assembly Buttons C Type (C Series) - C Solid Head Assembly Buttons