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Recognizing 36 Midwest Manufacturing Companies Still Making Their Products in the United States

As manufacturing professionals who have been in business for over fifty years, there are many things we pride ourselves in here at Valco Valley/Tool & Die. One of these things is the high amount of quality and authenticity that comes with each of our products. Another element that our team takes pride in is that we solely sell American-made products.

By having our operations located only in the United States, we’re doing our part in creating and keeping manufacturing jobs in America, which is important to us.

But in addition to our company, there are many other US-based manufacturing companies that deserve recognition for their continued efforts and priority for our home country. Each of these made in America companies offer a wide range of products and services made right here in the United States, specifically within the Midwest region, as we list below by state:

Made in America Companies in Indiana

  1. District 31 – This company manufactures wooden accessories and apparel such as bow ties, bottle openers and journals at their shop in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

  2. Cinda B – With their headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana, this company manufactures each of its totes, wallets and other accessories right here in the United States.

  3. K. Slade – Expect high-quality designer handbags, jewelry and more from this company located in Evansville, Indiana.

American-Made Products in Illinois

  1. Weber: – Weber offers many high-quality grills, all of which are made in the U.S. They have warehouses across the country and their headquarters are in Palatine, Illinois.

  2. Oak Street Bootmakers – This footwear company specializes in handcrafted shoes and boots. Each item produced is done so in America, in the heart of Chicago.

  3. Mohop – This Chicago-based fashion company makes each of its shoes, bags and other accessories with sustainable materials all within the United States.

Iowa Companies Making Products in the U.S.

  1. Amana Shops – If you’re looking for elegant American-made products such as clocks, blankets, and candles, this Iowa-based shop handcrafts each item.

  2. Bannor Toys – This company features a wide variety of toys made in the U.S. that children will love, such as wooden blocks and rattles.

  3. RMA Armament – Based in Centerville, Iowa, this body armor company manufactures each of its durable products within the States.

Kansas-Based Companies with American-Made Products

  1. Atom Pop Corn Popper – Dating back to the 1950s, this Bushton, Kansas stove-top popcorn popper offers a healthier alternative to microwaved popcorn.

  2. Dirt King USA – Looking for American manufacturing companies to choose from when buying a bike? Dirt King manufactures tricycles, wagons and carts and can ship orders around the country.

  3. Rans Bikes Inc. – These stylish, high-performance bikes can be used in a wide variety of conditions and are made at the Rans workshop in Montezuma, Kansas.

US-Based Manufacturing Companies in Michigan

  1. Uncle Goose – This wooden block company is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and even with stores located on six continents, each of their blocks are still made in the USA.

  2. Sanders Fine Chocolates – Since opening their first chocolate shop in Detroit in 1875, this delectable company has grown into making ice cream, cocoa, dips and more, while still manufacturing everything in Michigan.

  3. All USA Clothing – This American manufacturing company lives up to its name by manufacturing high-quality clothes, all within the United States. They offer high-quality fashion pieces in men’s, women’s and kids’ styles.

Minnesota Companies with Products Made in America

  1. Homecrest Outdoor Living – This luxury outdoor living company specializes in pieces of patio furniture such as tables, umbrellas, firepits and more.

  2. Beka – You can expect USA-made specialty wood products at this made in America company. Their list of products includes easels, puppet theatres, play tables, storage carts and more!

  3. Faribault Wooden Mill Co. – Since 1892, this historic Minnesota-based company has proudly made each of its blankets, scarves and throws in America.

Missouri Companies with American-Made Products

  1. Portenzo – This St. Louis-area company specializes in leather cases for phones, iPads and more. You can browse their inventory or place a customized order on their website.

  2. The Billy Goat Chip Company – This potato chip company stands out from others, not only because they make all their products in America, but they also have many flavors and deliver orders within 48 hours to ensure freshness.

  3. Diamond – With headquarters in Meta, Missouri, this pet food company sells nutritious, wholesome food that your pets will love, all containing local ingredients and high-quality proteins.

Nebraska Companies Making Products in the U.S.

  1. Blaz’n Grill Works – This American manufacturing company in Beatrice, Nebraska offers grills that come with all-natural wood pellets available in several different flavors such as hickory and cherry.

  2. MSA Brand Products – Looking for an American flag that’s made in the USA? You can find just that when you browse MSA’s online store that’s based out of Fairbury, Nebraska.

  3. Artifact Bags – You can get durable totes, backpacks and more at this Nebraska-based, made-in-America company that also offers aprons, apparel and more.

American-Made Products in North Dakota

  1. Aendee – These eco-friendly accessories all start out being secondhand shirts and are then transformed into bow ties and neckties that you can wear at weddings, work and more!

  2. The Honey B. Soap Company – You can find handmade soaps, lotions and more that are all-natural and vegan-friendly on the website for this Fargo, North Dakota business.

  3. Mehl’s Flour Company – Specializing in gluten-free products, this company’s line of flour and other baking mixes is all-natural and diet-friendly.

Ohio Companies Making Products in the U.S.

  1. Brillo – These steel soap pads, sponges and mops have been made in the U.S. for over 100 years, and are still being manufactured in London, Ohio.

  2. Wilson – Wilson’s footballs, which are the official footballs of the NFL, have been manufactured in Ohio since 1955, and their factory produces over 700,000 a year.

  3. Rossi Pasta – This American-made company in Ohio produces fresh, hand-made gourmet foods in the form of pasta, pizza, bread, sauces and more.

US-Based Manufacturing Companies in South Dakota

  1. K Bar J Leather Company – This company makes all of its products (chaps, knife holders, office accessories and more) right here in America, and are based in Newell, South Dakota.

  2. StarMark Cabinetry – You can give several rooms in your home an upgrade by utilizing StarMark’s cabinets, which come in customized materials, colors and more.

  3. Sturgis Jerky – Located in Sturgis, North Dakota, customers can find many different flavors of jerky that are produced and shipped all within the U.S.

Made in America Companies in Wisconsin

  1. American Kitchen Cookware – Their line of cookware, completely made in America, comes in options such as stainless steel, nonstick and cast aluminum.

  2. Beer Cap Maps – By putting your own beer caps into these high-quality maps, you’re giving your home décor a personalized flair. Maps of all 50 states are available.

  3. Decatur Dairy – Based in Brodhead, Wisconsin, this dairy company specializes in a variety of cheeses, spreads, meats, mustards and more.

We’re Proud to be a US-Based Manufacturing Company in Ohio!

In addition to the wide variety of companies we’ve highlighted above, we’re also proud to fit in the category of made in America companies. Each of our products are manufactured here in Ohio just for you.

To learn more about our products and company history, feel free to contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!