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spring latches

Durable Spring Latches from VALCO/Valley Tool & Die, Inc.

As a leader in metal parts manufacturing, it is important for VALCO to produce parts that cover a wide range of applications. From snap buttons and T-joint fasteners to screw machine products, metal stampings, and more, we have products that can be used in any industry.

This commitment to quality parts manufacturing includes our spring latches, which can be utilized in a number of settings.

A Spring Latch is a snap button. Some customers just call it a spring latch.
  • A spring latch is especially useful on all kinds of gates and doors. Keep your area secure with high-quality spring latches, with variations that fit any type of enclosure.
  • Spring latches commonly used to close tailgates and trailer doors closed, keeping important supplies safe under increasing tension.
  • Spring latches are also found on all kinds of construction and farm equipment, exhibits, signs, food equipment, industrial machinery, tools, lawn and garden equipment, and much more.
With features such as padlock eyes for extra security, high-quality springs, a stainless steel design for added durability, easy installation and more, a spring latch from VALCO gives you everything you need to keep a secure space.

Thanks to these features - along with a dedication to perfection by our engineering staff - you are guaranteed reliable products that get the job done.

Let VALCO/Valley Tool & Die, Inc. Be Your Latch Spring Supplier

Contact us today to learn more about the spring latches we can provide to your company. We pride ourselves on being able to offer versatile, reliable parts and the same goes for our spring latches.